You Can Make A Memory

So you’ve been on a fine trip. Perhaps you’ve climbed mountains, seen amazing things in great museums, walked through the desert in bloom, watched whales rise, or relaxed on the beach. What makes you remember those good times? I’m not talking about neurons and synapsis firing and re-firing until the pathway through the brain becomes deep and … Continue reading You Can Make A Memory

Defining and Developing Nature Tourism

I recently spoke to Arkansas’s Governor’s Conference on Tourism about nature tourism. Here are notes from my comments. Nature tourism is a huge component in the tourism economy of every state. People are drawn to nature in many ways, ranging from motorcycle touring to weeklong backpacking through a dramatic Wilderness Area, paddling a Wild and Scenic River, … Continue reading Defining and Developing Nature Tourism

Make the most of your Historic Home Tour

Historic home tours are a staple in communities on every continent. People want to honor their famous people and point out elegant architecture. Famous people and elegant architecture attract a certain audience, so together, preservation, careful maintenance of historic properties, and well-crafted historic home tours add to the pride and prestige of every community, and … Continue reading Make the most of your Historic Home Tour