Just training? Or … SYNERGY!

We just completed our annual interpretation workshop. I was reminded at every turn how important and valuable this regular training is. The word? SYNERGY!!  We had 70 attendees from all types of interpretation positions – tour guides, gardeners, museum program assistants, living historians, interpreters and supervisors. And they were from all types of settings – … Continue reading Just training? Or … SYNERGY!

Go to the people!

You know by now that my mind works in brevity. My staff often hear me repeat two things: Interpret the park, and Put your programs where the people are. Those short statements seem silly because they are simple and obvious. A typical response might be…”well DUH!” Then I wonder when I read reports that tell me … Continue reading Go to the people!

Planstorm before you plan

Like brainstorming, maybe we need to “planstorm” before we begin to plan by asking a defining question: What the heck are we doing? Preparing to team teach interpretation planning with Dr. Teresa Coble as part of the Stephen F. Austin State University’s on-line graduate program, is causing me to think back on what I know … Continue reading Planstorm before you plan

The Work of Parks

Each year our park system has a big competition for Park of the Year and other awards. The competition is tough, and gets tougher each year as more time and energy is put into each park and museum’s presentation to the director and managers that make up the selection committee. The award selection meeting is … Continue reading The Work of Parks