The Carpenter

2 thoughts on “The Carpenter”

  1. What a great little essay Jay! My grandfather taught cabinet-making (and history.) Although I was much too young when he died, I’ve always thought that my love of both is somewhere in my genes. One thing that I know about carpentry is that I can usually predict how well something will go by the feel of the first cut, which is why it’s so doggone important to not only measure twice to cut once, but also to carefully envision your piece and indeed, know which side of the line to cut on.

    It’s the same with interpretation, but you measure the themes, you calculate the intended impact, the intended audience, and the better you can plan & conceptualize those, the better your program or exhibit or brochure will be when you assemble it. You become more familiar with your tools over time– rhetoric, presentation mechanics, visual and aural design, even your personality and presence. Carpentry, like interpretation, is both a skill and an art, and it’s always a joy to watch a true craftsman doing what he or she does best.

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